Use this to grow your business faster

 Save yourself some time and hire an experienced social media marketing and advertising consultant to help you! Someone who can...👇 - Save you time by managing your online presence and reputation - Handle tedious set up and optimization... - Create and curate content 👈 - A professional to help you with customer service and salesContinue reading "Use this to grow your business faster"

If you get knocked down, get back up.

Since the end of May 2017, I've been determined to start my own business so I could work remotely from home. My why? My 3 young children. It started to get depressing being away from them 10 hours a day at my advertising job in another city working for a large news and media publishingContinue reading "If you get knocked down, get back up."

How to grow your business using social media - Facebook

Growing your presence on social media using Facebook. Facebook allows for a world - wide reach and targeted ways to reach exactly the right audience.