Boudica Marketing

We love bringing you new and personalized ideas to help your company thrive.

Our marketing and advertising consultation and management services are customized to help you create a winning strategy to spark interest and grow awareness.

Strategic social media marketing solutions. 

Our experienced social media team will help you save time and money from a well-planned strategy to new content ideas.

We've helped clients manage their social media pages and groups, including TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, & more.

Social media marketing for business purposes is time-consuming. It can be tough to stay consistent without a plan and strategy in place.

Social media is an excellent place for growing your visibility and brand awareness. You can also use it to provide better customer experiences.

Search engines will display active social media accounts in the results!

You can use paid ads to target exactly who you want to reach.

We can help you weave social media into your marketing strategy!

We can create paid social media campaigns with creative and engaging content, targeting your ideal customers and optimizing it for conversions.

Media Buys

We're a pro at gathering ad quotes, placing ad buys, and following up to ensure everything runs as planned. We know this is really time-consuming. We will do all the work for media buying and planning to help integrate this into your marketing strategy to save you time and money.

Video, Graphic Design and Content Creation

We love helping businesses with their branding! We can help design logos, catalogs, merchandise, cards, flyers, ads, explainer videos, promo videos, custom social media headers, and branded social content.

We can handle any design task.


E-commerce solutions and websites that educate and convert. Landing pages, automated to bring your business leads while you sleep.

We create your digital "home base" so it's functional, findable online, and user-friendly. We provide security and other updates, and set up categories, tags, integrations, and analytics.

Email Marketing

Email is still one of the best forms of communication to get in front of people that want to hear from you. We can set up your email blasts as part of your overall marketing mix.


Search Engine Optimization ensures your customers can find you online when they are ready to research and buy your products and services. We do all the work to find the most relevant keywords related to your business and will help you stay updated and active online through blogging. listing distribution, social media, and website updates.

Press releases

How do you get in the news? They constantly seek new information to feed the masses but turn away from anything that appears to be spam or self-promotional. We will help you write and share your story with the right people in the right way to get free news coverage for your business. There are right and wrong ways to get into the news. You don't have to do something sensational to get publicity for your business. We can help you have more success in getting news coverage for instant visibility to a larger audience and take advantage of the attention to grow your reach with the audience it brings your way.

Want to explore working with Boudica? Schedule a 15-minute strategy call. 

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