Help others with marketing & advertising? This helps you automate your services.

Fort Collins, CO Rebecca Colvin Founder of Boudica Marketing Social Media, Marketing and Advertising for the 21st Century You don’t have to know it all to be successful if you have help from reliable experts. If you help other people with their marketing and advertising, you know how quickly tasks can add up. Hiring expertsContinue reading “Help others with marketing & advertising? This helps you automate your services.”

Get out of your head. Why you can’t do anything about competition. πŸ—

When the competition comes creeping around…here’s what to do so you stay sane.

7 steps to designing winning ads

How do I make an ad? If that is a question you are asking yourself, you need to read this article from Boudica about how to design an ad that wins! Designing winning ads starts with a few basics anyone can master.

If you get knocked down, get back up.

Since the end of May 2017, I’ve been determined to start my own business so I could work remotely from home. My why? My 3 young children. It started to get depressing being away from them 10 hours a day at my advertising job in another city working for a large news and media publishingContinue reading “If you get knocked down, get back up.”

How the internet improved my hard of hearing life

How technology changed my life and enabled me to overcome my hearing loss to create a thriving business where I can literally work from anywhere with Wifi.

How to grow your business using social media – Facebook

Growing your presence on social media using Facebook. Facebook allows for a world – wide reach and targeted ways to reach exactly the right audience.

Not sure how to sell online? This free course walks you through it.

Shopify is an easy to use online shopping store to help you sell and market your store online. Grow a raving fan base with the ability to blog and get help from your own personal marketing assistant, Kit!

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