The importance of new technology for marketing

sunrisecoGot a business? Get a smartphone with the latest technology to market your business online! It can be used to connect all your social profiles together in one place and allow you to work on them from anywhere.

A cell phone is portable, and cross functions better than any other device.

You can use it to quickly to keep a pulse on your online presence, connect, serve and engage with your customers and fans.

Phones nowadays have great cameras, tons of useful apps and unlimited data programs available.

Before I was a social media manager and marketer, I was a cell phone sales rep and store manager. We had all the major carriers, so I got a good feel for the variety of plans and services available out there.

When I moved to a different company taking on a marketing position, I lost my free dealer phone, so I was left with searching out the best carrier and deal for my next cell phone.

I went up several levels from a basic flip camera phone that took horrible pictures, to a Samsung Galaxy S4 (the almost newest one at the time).

For the carrier, I went with Credo Mobile, which had the best deal and an unlimited data plan and the phone I was searching for.

When the plan expired and upgrading my really crappy phone would not only cost me more but also cap my data, I switched to TMOBILE and got unlimited data again for $30 less per month with a better phone and kept my phone number.

Then I tried Google FI service. There's not a contract, and you can pay for a new phone with payments.

Check out Google FI (bring your number with you) with no contract + get a $20 Google FI service credit after a month when you sign up for service online. Click here. 

It's been nice not having to be at a desktop to get work done. I feel way more connected to the world.

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