Help others with marketing & advertising? This helps you automate your services.

Fort Collins, CO Rebecca Colvin Founder of Boudica Marketing Social Media, Marketing and Advertising for the 21st Century You don’t have to know it all to be successful if you have help from reliable experts. If you help other people with their marketing and advertising, you know how quickly tasks can add up. Hiring expertsContinue reading “Help others with marketing & advertising? This helps you automate your services.”

Get support working from home

When you are faced with a stay at home order what better way to make money than to use something you already have access to. Social media! Learn how to leverage your social media knowledge to make money from home. We can support you along the way and give you ideas. Join the free Facebook Group to get started.

Use this to grow your business faster

ย Save yourself some time and hire an experienced social media marketing and advertising consultant to help you! Someone who can…๐Ÿ‘‡ – Save you time by managing your online presence and reputation – Handle tedious set up and optimization… – Create and curate content ๐Ÿ‘ˆ – A professional to help you with customer service and salesContinue reading “Use this to grow your business faster”

11 pro tips for advertising on a shoestring budget

Find ways to advertise your business using these 11 tips from a marketing and advertising pro

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