How to design your own ads using Canva

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Here are some of the ads and logos I've designed with, a super easy-to-use online website design program that allows you to drop and, drag, use templates, and upload your own images to use in customized ads of sizes and formats. you choose.

I've used many other design tools and they are costly and not as intuitive to use as Canva is. This was a game changer in my solo agency that I started in 2017 so I could have job security and work from home.

New features are constantly being added. I invite you to try this out if you have any need for designing or advertising. You can even create beautiful personalized resumes, digital products, and invitations!





Seneca House Logo
Seneca House Residential Assisted Living in Fort Collins, Colorado
Boudica Marketing Logo
Boudica Marketing
Full stack agency based in Fort Collins, Colorado


Applewood Arts Festivals

Learn more about branding here

Applewood Arts Festivals
Applewood Arts Festivals
Applewood Arts Festivals
Fort Collins Kids Clothing Swap

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