11 pro tips for advertising on a shoestring budget.

Find ways to advertise your business using these 11 tips from a marketing and advertising pro

5 insider tips on how to get in the news

How to get in the news with Boudica

Sell anything online using this!

Do you have an idea for an online business, but think it will cost a lot of money to make a website with e-commerce built in? What you're about to learn will blow your mind and encourage you to go all in on your own online store to be your own boss. Now anyone canContinue reading "Sell anything online using this!"

7 steps to designing winning ads

How do I make an ad? If that is a question you are asking yourself, you need to read this article from Boudica about how to design an ad that wins! Designing winning ads starts with a few basics anyone can master.

How to grow your business using social media - Facebook

Growing your presence on social media using Facebook. Facebook allows for a world - wide reach and targeted ways to reach exactly the right audience.

Not sure how to sell online? This free course walks you through it.

Shopify is an easy to use online shopping store to help you sell and market your store online. Grow a raving fan base with the ability to blog and get help from your own personal marketing assistant, Kit!

My very first website!

Hi, I'm Becky Colvin, founder of Boudica Marketing. I live in Fort Collins. I started my own business after I worked for the Greeley Tribune Newspaper and the Coloradoan Newspaper, selling advertising space in newspapers, digital, designing strategic marketing plans to help my clients get their name out to the right audience to grow their business.Continue reading "My very first website!"

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