The truth about working remotely when you have kids

Kids are life.

It's been almost two years since I took the plunge to create my own company instead of going back to the corporate world, giving me the flexibility to work remotely.

I thought that working from home was supposed to give me more time to spend with my kids, but I quickly realized I could probably work non-stop on my business if I could. It's helped to plan out activities with them to keep them on my to-do list. I found that those uninterrupted moments are the memories that I cherish the most.

It is a blessing that I never need to ask permission to take them to Dr.'s appointments or go to their school parties. If dad gets another IBS flareup, I can without hesitation step in to take care of them all, with no worries about begging for permission to work from home.

Working in my pj's, wondering if I should probably take a shower soon, my three-second walking commute, and having my kids, at arms-length, has honestly, been wonderful and worth every second.

I've enjoyed working at coffee shops and restaurants, but they are equally distracting and requires showering and commuting to. Then while I was there, I was missing my kids again. 😆 I think it's fun to do once in a while but serves to remind me why I wanted to work from the comfort of home in the first place.

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