If you get knocked down, get back up.

Becky Colvin

Since the end of May 2017, I've been determined to start my own business so I could work remotely from home.

My why? My 3 young children. It started to get depressing being away from them 10 hours a day at my advertising job in another city working for a large news and media publishing company.

So I decided to focus on creating multiple sources of income.

Among them is this website which I started while working at my last job as a side hustle.

I monetized it with affiliate partners offers and Google Adwords, offering value in the form of information about marketing and advertising.

I started a podcast and monetized that, it's called The Boudica Show.

Whenever I would get knocked down and felt like I wanted to quit, I'd get back up, give my self a pep talk to keep going.

I'd meditate more. I would clean my desktop, office and my house. I would check my account more often and try to plan ahead better.

I would work on my mindset, tell myself during moments of self doubt when things weren't clicking and depression would set in, that Boudica Marketing is the greatest ad agency in the world. 

Then I would focus on being better, learning and perfecting my skills.

The little things helped. The small things. Like the time I got an email that my new podcast was shared on radio public.

I'm happy to report that things are progressing just great with my new marketing agency. And I'm continuing to take on new clients. I have had a few proposals fall through, but honestly, I felt it was meant to be because these were people that wanted free work and guaranteed results. I don't really want that kind of pressure.

I want to work with people that values and understands the benefits of social media marketing as a way to reach new clients for their business.

One of the streams of income that I've fallen into that's exploding right now is social media management. I help my clients with engagement, customer service and even sales support using social media.

It's been amazing being there to see my kids grow up this last year. I had a few oh shit moments that made me frantically apply for jobs but then I realized every time I would say or do the opposite of what I should have. It came back to not being quite ready to give up.

I'm just going to keep being brave, trying new things, and working hard at this thing called being my own boss.

Are you on the same journey as me? I'd love to connect with you. Listen to my podcast and join me inside a group. See below.

  "The Boudica Show" can be found on Apple Podcast, Pocket Cast, and Radio Public.

Here are a few of the groups and pages I run.

Social Media Managers Support Network - Interested in working from anywhere? All you need is a laptop, phone, and wifi. This is a group for all skill levels to connect and help each other learn how to get paid managing social media for busy business owners and other ways to generate income from the comfort of home.

Fort Collins Entrepreneurs - In the Fort Collins area and want to have an in-person support group, a place to form masterminds? Join the community!

Fort Collins Kids Clothing Swap - for N. Colorado parents that want to join the community, we have physical swaps free twice a year.

Kids Clothing Swap - page for news and information about upcoming clothing swaps

Roller Derby Info- into roller derby? This is the group for you! Connect with derby fanatics around the world on this page

You know you like to travel if GroupHere is where like-minded fellow travelers can share great places to go, and experiences they've had along the way.

Fort Collins Working Moms Stay at Home Dads Page - a place for local parents to connect and share information and get support.

Fort Collins Working Moms Stay at Home Dad's Private Group - a place for families in Fort Collins to plan meetups and get support for the wild adventures of being a working/stay at home parent in Fort Collins, Colorado. A place to share things to do in Fort Collins with kids.

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