Becky Colvin
Boudica, founder of Boudicamarketing.com


We are renegade marketers, the kind of marketing agency that helps you develop a strategy and then do all the work to run it, and report the results back to you.


We are small but mighty growing social media agency that began in the Spring of 2017.  We believe most in providing stellar customer service, being a soldier on the ground to bring you fresh news, leads, and information to nurture and engage your target audience. Don’t know what that is? We can help.

The game of earning and keeping customers has changed. New marketing channels are being developed every day. Consumer behaviors have evolved as buyers (including B2B buyers) are more informed, empowered, and mobile than ever before. Companies of every shape and size are struggling to get a handle on this continual flood of options and fighting for attention. Just knowing where to start can be discouraging. That’s where we come in.

Boudica Marketing is a Colorado-based creative marketing, advertising, and branding agency located in Fort Collins.  We embrace new trends and help you apply the right mix, so you don’t have to. We know you’ve got a business to run, and we’re here to do whatever it takes to make you successful.


Creatively designing branding and marketing strategies that are an indispensable extension of our clients’ businesses – a valued and trusted creative team of professional problem solvers, creators, and leaders who are integral to the success and acting in their best interest at all times.


Help companies flourish by attracting, nurturing and connecting to customers while creating authentic, successful, lasting partnerships.


Honesty. Communication. Authenticity in who you are. Belief in something bigger. Integrity to do the right thing. Trust that is earned. Service to others.


With Boudica Marketing, you gain a proven partner with a passion for connecting to people and thirst for adventure. We are thinkers and doers who understand which path will help you reach your destination. Exploring and creating new ways and ideas to help our clients reach their goals. We use creativity, resourcefulness, planning, and good old-fashioned hard work to succeed.

Our team brings experience and expertise in creative branding, digital marketing, advertising, web development, website updates, social media marketing, marketing automation, event marketing, graphic design, ad buys and content creation.

Prior to forming Boudica Marketing, the founder, Becky Colvin worked on the ground floor of advertising departments inside Northern Colorado’s most established news and publishing companies –  running campaigns and building relationships that have stood the test of time.

Boudica Marketing is continually growing our team and expanding our services in response to our clients’ needs, offering marketing automation solutions, content creation, email, social media marketing, press releases, and SEO/SEM services as key ingredients in our overall marketing mix.

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  1. So, I came across Ms. Colvin kind of at random and pitched an idea for a website and she had it up and running literally hours before I was even aware of it. As in, the moment I stopped talking, she was already on it.
    I’ve never worked with someone this professional and will be coming to her for future endeavors.
    Get on her short list while you can, folks.

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