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Boudica Marketing

Hi, I'm Becky Colvin, founder of Boudica Marketing.

I live in Fort Collins. I started my own business after I worked for the Greeley Tribune Newspaper and the Coloradoan Newspaper, selling advertising space in newspapers, digital, designing strategic marketing plans to help my clients get their name out to the right audience to grow their business.

I have also lived in Loveland, Colorado; Anchorage, Alaska, and am currently based out of Fort Collins, Colorado.

I started this website because I want to apply the skills and knowledge I've gathered over a decade of working for a major news and media company.  Along the way, I've had some of the best training available.

I feel like the best way to learn something is to use it, and teaching other people is also a great way to cement these principles into your mind.

So the goal for my website is to connect like-minded individuals and share knowledge that will help you grow your business or yourself as an individual. I noticed people are charging top dollar for the information I know.

For now, you can find it here. And it's all free. I might switch to a low-cost subscription in the future.

If anything seems over your head, schedule a free consultation with me. I can take those marketing and advertising tasks off your plate so you can focus on growing your business.

Connect to me online here.

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Founder of Boudica Marketing. I help businesses get exposure, attract, and nurture customers through multimedia strategy and digital advertising.

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