Get out of your head. Why you can't do anything about competition. 🗝

Mindset for beating the competition

Do competitors scare me? Honestly, yes! Do I let it get in my head? Sometimes, but not for long. Here's what I do get out of my head when I feel threatened by my competition.

I landed the elephant of clients when I first started out my social media, marketing, and advertising business. Me doing a good job marketing his business attracted my competition like flies on shit. I get it. When I was working in the advertising department of several news media companies, we would pour through publications to find ads so we could call on them to steal away marketing dollars from our competitors.

If my dream client's marketing attracts my competition, maybe I'm doing my job right.

If my clients have a need, I make it my mission. Whatever they feel, I feel. I treat their business like my own. When any of my partners fail or are suffering, I feel the loss and disappointment too.

I imagine we have a deep mental connection beyond words. I'm there in a second to adapt their strategies to help them reach new goals. I love going the extra mile, always willing to going above and beyond.

When my mind wanders over to the dark side, I start to seek approval too much. I feel fear if my emails and text to my clients are left unanswered. If I see them connecting to my competition, all kinds of thoughts race through my head. Does this mean they're not happy working with me anymore? What did I do wrong? Am I not good enough?

Then I refocus because at this time or anytime I can't be allowing "stinking thinking" to take over. Be secure in my abilities to help my clients.  I can only control how much effort I give to help them get the results with their social media, marketing, and advertising while I am still there serving them.

If I do right by them, I hope they will be thrilled to continue working with me no matter how amazing the competition is.

No matter how fearful, scared and anxious I get from my own dark thoughts that I might lose a client to my competition, it helps to remember that while I have them, I can still serve them the very best that I can and let them leave knowing someone really cared about them. Yes, a piece of me might be lost if they stop working with me, but I know with the right attitude I'm going to be ok, no matter what.  

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