What is affiliate marketing? How to leverage this to be your own boss.

Tools to help you start and grow your business

Here are the best online tools for affiliate marketing and how you can use it too as a way to earn money from anywhere with a laptop, camera phone, and internet connection!


Coursera - is a free online academy with a wide range of courses from top universities.


WordPress is the most versatile website you can create to call your internet home base. It can help you earn money through blogging, affiliate marketing, ads, or selling your products and services. The sky's the limit when you choose a WordPress website. Get $25 off here.*

Collect money online with Square! They offer you a free reader to swipe cards from your compatible cell phone, and they also give you great tools to keep track of all your incoming revenue and invoices to collect payments online. Use this link: Get $1000 in free processing using this red link: Take online payments with Square to activate your new Square account, and you will have free processing for $1,000 in sales!

 Sales Funnels

You can easily make forms on Hubspot for marketing and tracking your customers with an integrated website, landing page, and email marketing tools.  Best of all, it's a free CRM tool for all-sized businesses.

Ad design tools 

Canva.com creates brilliant ads, flyers, business cards, videos, and other branded content. Upgrade to Canva Pro for even more features that make designing anything a breeze.

Powtoons is a fun video editing program to create an explainer video!

Adobe Spark is another video creation tool I love to use.

Trello.com has to be my new favorite organizational tool. You can keep track of everything you are doing, make checklists, collaborate with others to show them your boards, and view your cards if they need to be involved. It's been a lifesaver for my business, and my clients love it because they can see what I'm working on, and communicate there with me.

Some of the links I've provided on my website are called affiliate links. That means if you are in the market to use it, and you use that link I provided, I'd possibly get a small payout for your referral!

Check out the affiliate link Q&A below to learn more:

Q. What is an affiliate link?

A. Well, it's when you see a product or service that you love, and you want to help them promote it. You can also get paid from a referral that uses your affiliate link if you follow all their instructions, terms, and conditions.

Q.  How do you set up affiliate partnerships?

A. Usually, you can find a link at the bottom of their website, which might say affiliate or affiliate programs. Use that to sign up to become their affiliate. They will walk you through the process of what to do after that!

Pro tip

If you have an established online presence, email list, or website, you will have an easier time getting approved for the program.

Then, you promote the offer with a blog, sharing on your social media, and telling your friends about it. If the person uses the link you give them, then you might get paid a small commission.

If you do blogs or evergreen content, then your commissions could add up over time to start producing money. You get out of it what you put in.  The better your content is, the easier it will be for you to get more visibility.

The effect of all your hard work starts to snowball and gives you passive income.

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