About me

I’m Becky, founder of Boudica Marketing. I’m a wife, mom, and a lover of life. I’m not afraid to experiment.

Boudica was my roller derby name. I skated for over 8 years with FoCo Girls Gone Derby and Slaughterhouse Derby Girls. I traveled the country to Vegas, San Diego, N. Dakota and all over Colorado to play with other teams, flat track and the banked track. Being “Boudica” has always made  me feel fierce and strong. 

I’ve been a building a professional social media, marketing, and advertising agency since leaving the news and publishing industry back in the spring of 2017. 

I partner with my clients to help them grow by creating and deploying customized marketing and branding strategies and doing whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. 

For the last decade I’ve worked in a news media publishing company.  My specialties include pr, organizing and promoting events, building marketing strategies, placing advertising media buys, creating content including graphic design.



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