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Saturday, March 28th, 2020

Rebecca Colvin, Fort Collins, CO, USA

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We are living in history, every country is touched by this. Do we not all breathe the same air? Drink from the same water? Walk on the same dirt?

I’m home where it’s healthy, hanging in my camper I restored in my driveway hooked up to electricity and Wifi.

camperI retreat here to find a quiet place to blast music and get work done uninterrupted by my three small kids and husband.

I’ve had a cold for a month now with a cough and mucus, and it doesn’t seem to want to go away which always freaks me out when I am seeing that people are dying around the world of COVID-19 and now pets are contracting it too.

I imagine it’s been attaching to toilet paper products in masse quantity and to every checkout in every store where everyone is still allowed to go, and passed along via take-out to every car in every drive-thru.

The darn virus also is sneaky and comes back in full deadly force after you think you’ve recovered. These pesky germs can stay on metal surfaces up to 17 days.

I feel like some common sense, cleaning, good hygiene, sanitation, eating healthy so your immune system is in top shape could be the only real solution to beating this.

Confining people and ending their businesses and social lives I feel will not prevent the spread.

Be well, my friends. We can get through this, and if not, we have successfully gotten our earthly population under control.




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