Demi Lovato’s Get Well Card

I must have been in a weird mood last night.

I noticed a post where someone’s simple request for help making a website started getting negative comments inside my “supportive group.”

I didn’t think this would be hard to do. It took me about 10 minutes to whip up his idea for a simple get well card website. Wix is totally free and easy to make a website.  😆

Since I am new to making websites anyways, it’s nice to have something else to add to my growing portfolio.

Plus, I got a nice review out of it! Thanks, Anthony Ford.

AnthonyFordTestimonial 2018-07-27 at 10.08.52 AM.png

Turns out, it was a get well card for Demi Lovato.

I had heard about her overdose.

Her non fans are ruthless with the despicable insults. People that were hoping she would be punished for her actions.

I was talking to my husband, who has never done heroin but is about to take off on the path of a rock and roll star.

He had choice words for her situation I felt it was totally insensitive, and he had no sympathy for her situation. I quickly realized how she probably felt. People are quick to judge and tell people their opinions. I just think nobody has the right to judge how someone else wants to live their life.

I have this good friend that fell into the same dark side as Demi, and it took having his really good friend die and him ending up in jail before he could get clean.

Something great came from it. He started a support group for others facing heroin addiction.  He is seriously one of my biggest hero’s.

So anyways, it doesn’t phase me in the least that she did this. Not sure what anyone really expected from her? Her songs have for a long time raise red flags in my mind, wondering if she was struggling with depression and addiction.

It’s not something to look down upon a person for. Mental health is important to take care of. Use it or lose it. (Your brain).

Seems like everyone I meet, has some form of vice they are addicted to.

To each their own.  I’m tired of people being so mean to each other. You really never know if you wouldn’t do the same, in the same situation. To think otherwise is just ignorant. We can all choose to love.

So anyways, here it is, Demi Lovato’s Get Well Card.

If you are a fan of hers, use this link send her a message and share it. I send it to her message on Facebook and tweeted it. Keep it going so she sees it.  And if you are depressed or have an addiction that is getting in the way of your happiness, feel free to reach out for help. Find someone, anyone and get that off your chest. You will find you are not alone and that people do care about you.

Sign Demi Lovato’s Get Well Card




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