🌎 Earth Day reminds us our home needs love ❤️

Society has evolved to make it easier to go about our day to day activities.

We are inventing many new conveniences, simplifying the way we live.

We are exploring other planets and solar systems.

We’re inventing ways to travel in seconds instead of hours.

Alternative, clean forms of energy are emerging at a rapid rate.

We can use our own fat cells to fix our damaged body.

We can reprogram our genes.

We’ve got blood tests to find fatal diseases.

We’re 3-D printing everything from body parts to houses.

With all the advances, we can now clearly see our past and current impact on the planet Earth.

We trashed it with pollution, exploited it’s resources.

There’s even tons of trash floating around in space. It can enter our atmosphere and crash into our expensive satellites at any time.

Humans killed off an entire species with poaching. The last male Northern White Rhino was put to sleep this year. 😥

Penguins are chilling on giant trash patches. A whale washed up on the beach, dying from malnutrition with a gut full of plastic.

Believe it or not, people around the world still throw their trash in the water.

It’s collecting together in several spots around the world.

One oceanic trash patch three times the size of France. It’s in between California and Hawaii.

3/4 of our planet’s area to fish are gone and rapidly decreasing.

I really don’t want to eat anything that eats trash and swims in toxic nuclear waste, and oil spills.

What are we doing to change the way we live?

I hope the majority of people want to show the earth some love.

But how?

We can recycle plastic now, but a lot ends up in the waterways and landfills.

The easiest way to reduce plastic waste is to not to use plastic if you can.


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