A wish for a fish


It’s frightening turning on the faucet and having brown or blackish water coming out when you are really thirsty and there nothing else around.

I was born in the desert, visited often as a child. I remember the taste of well water I  drank as a child when I visited my family every summer.

Many cities I visited in California in my childhood had stale tasting water when I drank straight out of the faucet.

Even all the bottled water tasted funny to me.

I was used to fresh water from the nearby Mountain melt. We lived in Windsor, Colorado and the water always tasted amazing out of the tap. The best part of coming home was rehydrating.


Luckily I live in one of the best places to live in the entire world right now, in Fort Collins Colorado. The water taste amazing here where the mountain snow melts upstream.

I get clean delicious tap water, fresh from the Poudre River. I just need to use a re-useable Nalgene to port my water.

I can’t imagine not having a clean drink of water. But that is the reality for many parts of the world.

With today’s technology, there is no excuse for this.

Unless your blind, deaf,  live in a cave, live off lichen, and have no wifi, you can’t turn your back on what is happening around the world as the Ocean and our earth becomes a garbage dump.

Did you know the fish that people eat have been eating plastic? The Ocean is full of discarded, pollution from oil spills and nuclear toxic waste.oceangarbagepatch

I started a fundraiser on facebook that was asking for $250,000 for Ocean Guardian that just ended recently.  It fell short of it’s goal. I feel like that is what we do on a daily basis, we fall short of our goal of reducing personal waste. Or at least, I feel like that on a personal level and then I look around and see even on a local level how we are failing.  There is a trash dump outside Fort Collins Colorado that will be completely full within the next 10 years. It’s a bit crazy how much trash I produce alone and how it seems to be hard to do anything about it.

When you go to the store everything is in smaller packaging, making it impossible to get what you need without producing ridiculous amounts of waste just to buy necessities.

It comes down to changing the way I live on a day to day basis, and sharing the knowledge I’ve picked up researching this topic that I’ve become very passionate about.

What do you do on a personal level to reduce your personal waste?


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If you want to add to the facebook fundraiser, 100% of the money goes to clean the Ocean: Becky’s Fundraiser for Ocean Guardian.  

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