Saving the earth is back

Written and published by Rebecca Colvin – October 9th, 2017

oceanguardianlogoOcean Guardian ™ is a worldwide recognized non-profit organization started in 1997 by a pair of surfer brothers with a T-shirt design. They wanted to grow awareness of the serious problems affecting the health of the ocean.

Thier mission grew to become one of action, to create an organization that would be dedicated to stopping, reversing, and preventing any future environmental damage done to the oceans using non-lethal methods.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 1.41.49 PMAfter the untimely passing of his brother and partner, Ken Welch is more motivated than ever to keep their dream of saving the ocean alive.

Over the last decade, at the time I first wrote this, Ken had donated his time and over $70,000 of his own money into starting Ocean Guardian™.

Ocean Guardian™ has come a long way with help from a team of international lawyers, scientists, environmental protection agencies, new technology companies, researchers, divers, toxic waste disposal experts, staff, volunteers and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

With funding shortages Ken was forced to go back to active Duty and run Ocean Guardian only part time.

He’s got a great start with securing a ship, and Ocean Guardian is not going away, but he needs help from a lot of people in the form of  volunteers, and donations.

Here are a few facts about why he started Ocean Guardian:

The Ocean is larger than all the bodies of land and 3/4 of them have giant floating trash patches and toxic pollution.

Coral reefs soak up carbon dioxide which cools down the earth.

Entire species are becoming extinct from poaching, overfishing, environmental disasters, toxic, nuclear waste, oil spills and improper disposing of biological weapons.

Ocean Guardian ™ once fully funded can start being operational to clean the sea floor, midwater and surface level pollution that is killing marine life.

They will take on jobs like fishing out discarded nets, plastic bags that are mistaken for jellyfish, discarded tires releasing chemicals, and other illegally discarded biological weapons.  Without intervention and collaborate from a lot of people, the damage will never disappear.

OceanGuardianVesselOcean Guardian’s™ goal of obtaining their first dedicated ship was achieved last spring of 2017.

The Acushnet is currently moored in Anacortes, Washington, USA, and is being renovated to use for humanitarian efforts.

Once they have enough money they can begin immediately to aid in rescue and disaster response by delivering heavy equipment, volunteers, electricity, food and medical supplies.

Donate to Ocean Guardian

In all, about $250,000 in total is needed right away to get OG ready to sail on its first mission.

They can be ready within a few weeks which could really help out a lot of people since the devastating hurricanes. Their new ship is a retired military vessel that can provide power to an entire city.

The Ocean Guardian ™ name is used with permission by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, they provide worldwide research information for the NOAA Ocean Guardian education programs.

whaleA new movie not associated with Ocean Guardian™ called “Blue” explains perfectly the reason that Ocean Guardian™ is needed.

Blue was encouraging fans use hashtags #OceanGuardians and #OceanGuardian to categorize their tribe of environmental supporters.

The movie creates an awareness of a movement to save the ocean. It aims to educate people on what is happening, why, how to make a difference by changing daily habits.

We all must carefully elect officials that care about the environment, and voice opposition to companies that contribute to the issue.

For example, talking to restaurants that provide take-out using styrofoam, and using non-biodegradable take away containers and utensils. There are many new eco friendly options being invented every day we can be using now.

#OceanGuardians pledge to use reusable bags at the grocery store, reusable containers, and dishes.

They plan to reduce plastic consumption, recycle, pick up trash and pack it out while visiting nature.


The Ocean is the largest part of the earth, connecting everyone on every continent.

Saving the Ocean is the core mission of Ocean Guardian ™, they welcome support from the movie Blue, and from all the supporters pledging to become #oceanguardians. To volunteer with the Ocean Guardian ™ aboard the Acushnet please go to

oceangarbagepatchTrash is still being dumped into the ocean every minute.

It smells and looks just like food to fish and marine life, causing them to digest the indigestible.

In turn, humans eat fish that have consumed plastics with unknown health effects.

Ocean Guardian ™ will take action when discovering violators to prevent further pollution with heavier legal, financial consequences and non-lethal punishments to law-breakers.

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Ocean Guardian ™ plans to file an injunction with an international court to stop Japan from dumping nuclear waste into the ocean, force them to contain and clean it up after it has been continuously leaking nuclear waste into the sea since a catastrophic earthquake caused their nuclear power reactor to fail over 7 years ago. This is one example of how Ocean Guardian plans to stop pollution.

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To make a monetary tax-deductible donation to help Ocean Guardian ™ get the ship ready for missions please go now to