Relax, here are my favorite ways to give you some ideas.

relaxinginahammockbytheriver Feeling emotional? Overwhelmed? Angry? Procrastinating, or falling behind on your to-do lists?

This can cause feelings of anxiety, stress, trouble sleeping, and put you on a  unhealthy path that ends with depression.

Self care is very important at this time to bring you back to a state of security and happiness.

Here’s 11 things I do to help me relax and get back into the present moment.

1. Deep breaths

This gives me immediate relief. Breath in through my nose, hold my breath a few seconds, and exhale through my mouth slowly. I imagine I’m putting all my problems in a bubble and blowing them away.

2. Meditation

When life feels too crazy, I think it’s important to stop and take a moment to sit still and just be. If you are too busy to meditate for 30 minutes, meditate for an hour.

3. Music

Turn on the tunes to something uplifting and high energy to reset your vibe

4. Spend time in nature

Sometimes all I need is to to just get up, go outside, breath in fresh air. Observe the sky, clouds, and trees. Listen to the birds, wind, trees rustling. This always has a soothing effect on my racing mind.

5.  Read

This is a wonderful way for me to relax, escape, find inspiration. I also find comfort in re-reading old books. I always feel boost of confidence when finishing one.

6. Hang out with a good friend.

Talking to someone supportive can give you new ideas and solutions when you can view them from a different perspective.

7. Writing

I find it very therapeutic to get my feelings out on paper. Let my creative juices flow.

8. Relaxing in water, any form..

Take a shower, jump in a pool, hot tub, hot spring, ocean, river, or in a lake. Water seems to renew everything, cleaning off the “bad”.

9. Exercise

Big ones I like are running, walking, yoga, lifting weights, anything that moves my body. This will usually help me sleep better too.

10. Vacation

Plan to take some time to be with the ones you love in a different environment (or go alone). The anticipation of planning the trip is almost as much fun as being there experiencing it.

11. Control your thoughts.

Make a decision that you are not overwhelmed. Your mental state can be changed for the better, by imagining and expect that good things are going to happen. That anything bad that might happen to you is only a bump in the road, and couldn’t possibly derail you. Tell yourself everything is working out for you. Feed yourself good soul food in the form of good thoughts about yourself. When thoughts turn south I remember how far I’ve come. I look at what I’m grateful for. This simple act clears the slate of my mind and helps me come back to the present moment.

Hope you can use any of this to help you renew your soul and get you back into a positive state of mind.

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Boudica



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